Ticket Management

Take control of your tickets and empower your organisation

Your support operators will love our help desk facilities because they have been designed with around the latest social concepts with simplicity and clarity all the way.



Social design

Get a feel for the person you are providing support to, see their profile image next to their support request.


Advanced filters to find tickets

Quickly locate tickets using the powerful search options within your help desk. Search specific ticket data and drill-down your search using a large number of filter options. You can even view recent searches and save searches that you make routinely.


Organise your tickets

Organise and sort your tickets by state, priority, assignment, date raised, due date or closed date.


Custom ticket states and priorities

Create custom ticket states (such as "open", "review pending" or "closed") and priorities (such as "high", "medium" or "low").


A ticket that simplifies support

When viewing a ticket all the options you need are immediately to hand. View and make changes to the ticket state, priority and dates, comment on the ticket, reply to the ticket, and assign the ticket.



Track a whole conversation

See how a conversation relating to a ticket has progressed. Collaborate by forwarding, copying or sending messages to other CliqueCloud users, associates or e-mail recipients.



Attach comments to your tickets

Configure the support facilities to make the comments visible or invisible to the user.