Customer Experience

A help desk that makes it easy for your customers

CliqueCloud’s Help Desk facilities are designed to work with your customers and make it easy for them to create and track their support tickets.


Create tickets via CliqueCloud or email

Your customers can create tickets from your organisation’s Support tab on CliqueCloud or simply by using their email client. Use email forwarding to forward your support email address, e.g. to your CliqueCloud mail box, e.g. CliqueCloud will take care of the rest.

No need to maintain user accounts

Since the CliqueCloud Help Desk facilities are integrated with CliqueCloud, you do not have to worry about maintaining a database of user accounts, it is all done for you.


Customer facilities

Your customers can create and track their tickets on your site. They can sort their tickets, see conversations, ticket states, priorities and manage all of their communication with you through the same easy to use interface.


You are in control

You can choose whether your customers can see a ticket’s state, priority, due date, assignments or comments.